Top of the class

A world-class community like The Villages takes a world-class team of dedicated individuals who create, nurture, operate businesses and serve the community. We know the importance of a quality education and the peace of mind it brings.

Since the opening of The Villages Charter School in August of 2000, as an A rated Charter-in-The-Workplace school, it has helped attract great employees to The Villages and local businesses that serve the community.

As we look at all the future growth and initiatives on the horizon, it makes perfect sense for us to expand our school and housing options for the folks who support The Villages community. In addition to the Charter School, we know that where our families choose to live, work and play is equally important. Our original campus will continue to serve from early childhood through 8th grade. In the fall of 2023, the Charter School will be expanded in the heart of Middleton to include a second early childhood and K-8 center, and will be the location of the all new high school.

Early childhood centers

Buffalo Ridge campus

Middleton campus

We are able to provide a complete early learning experience for children prior to starting kindergarten. Our quality academic program will address all areas of your child’s growth and development. We are committed to providing your child with excellent care and a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Kindergarten - 8th grade

Buffalo Ridge campus

Middleton campus

The design of the K-8 school considers the diverse ages of the future students that will be in attendance. Taking inspiration for a small coastal village concept, the idea is to create a space that felt like home for the students.

High school

Inspired by institutions of higher learning and collegiate campuses, the team at SchenkelShulz designed a state-of-the art high school campus that will be a beacon for the community.